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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Church Universal: An Exemplary Mandate in his Ascension!

Church Universal: An Exemplary Mandate in his Ascension!
This Pope moved mountains! The very mountains where the littlest soveriegn country resides. 109 acres, ~ 900 citizens, a soup kitchen for the poor, a police force and 100 or so Swiss Guard. Vatican City cringed at the steadfast integrity and purification Pope John Paul II represented and commanded. His final years are not representative of his early and middle years. This man told "emperors they were indeed naked". Then he would offer options where he could help them design a whole new ("more pure") wardrobe. I am very proud for this man and the Catholic Church for which he dedicated his whole life. He made huge strides toward the purification only to be stifled in his final years. His little changes in attitude and direction were not little like they seemed but, very instrumental to a healing of the Church that must be sterilized first. We are getting closer everyday to a more empirical Church Hierarchy. I hope John Paul II's qualitys were highly contagious to the electors of our next Pope. I do not feel sadness. I feel the greatness of this man being dispatched to a world that he has (from) in spirit ascended. He is far greater now than he was ever as a man. His greatness will now be felt and recognized more so (now & in the future) than ever during his life in the flesh.

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